Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Animal Friends

This weekend the Knoxville Zoo opened her doors for free to the public. My love and I LOVE going to the zoo on free day and today was no exception. I didn't get as many pictures of as many animals as I wanted to due to crowds and feisty mammals. :) 

It was a beautiful, if not chilly, autumn day. I couldn't help but get an aerial view of a couple of my favorite Savannah friends.

Near the end of our zoo adventure, we discovered this Americana farm animal exhibit complete with pigs, sheep, and goats all for petting.

Isn't this the cutest Carousel? I'm not sure why our Zoo has a merry-go-round, but I have to admit it was glamorous. 

Usually, my favorite animals at the Zoo are the otters and red pandas, but this trip I really favorited the elephants. The Knoxville Zoo has four currently on site, and this little beauty was not camera shy! Elephants are such beautiful, strong, wise creatures. They could do so much damage if they wanted to, but their quiet, complacent spirits are happy to live quietly with each other. There's a kind of simple beauty in that kind of life that I admire and desire for myself one day (once school is finished).
To live a simple, happy life is a very wise lesson to learn and one animals can teach us everyday.

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