Thursday, June 20, 2013


I haven't been writing as often as I would like simply because so much has been happening lately. First, my husband and I went on our honeymoon--a week long camping trip in the Lowcountry, specifically Charleston, which I'll write a ton about here really soon a long with a few of my other adventures.

After our honeymoon, we then traveled West to Manchester, TN where we experienced one of the BEST music festivals in 'Merica--- BONNAROO! Bonnaroo was amazing, words cannot even describe all of the feelings I have for Bonnaroo (although I will try in a future post). Let's just say a dream came true for me there and it is an experience that has left me changed. Yes, a music festival changed me. Possible forever.

Finally, I have been having some health problems, and after many, many trips to the doctor as well as many, many tests, I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. So, I finally feel better, but because it is celiac, it means a completely new lifestyle for myself and my husband. We are still in process of adjusting to eating differently, checking out every ingrediant, spending more on food, etc, so it can still be trying at times. Especially when you have gourmet cupcakes at your work for the taking, but alas, none were gluten free.

That's just a quick update on my life at the moment. Things have changed dramatically, yet some have changed the same. And as with every new change, comes a different lesson, story, or memory to share.

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