Monday, July 22, 2013

Closing the Doors or Having Patience?

This is a question I have often thought and wondered about regarding my faith in God, trusting him, and my future: How can you tell the difference between God closing the doors and strengthening your faith through patience and time?

I am often confused when storms hit and I feel like I'm drowning--Does God not want this for me? Is this just not meant to happen? What is Plan B? How much longer should I wait before I change my mind or my heart?

How can you know the difference between God testing your faith and him telling you "no?" I have thought that if God gives you a vision of something you want---children, a husband, a new career in a specific field, going to grad school, etc, that it means it is something God wants you to have. So if the doors are closed for now, does that mean a faith strengthener because eventually you will be given your dreams?

What do you think? Do you struggle with this idea of distinguishing God's will and desire for your life? We are all human, and if we believe in the Lord then of course we are going to have questions and of course we aren't going to know the right answer to them all.

The only thing to do is to pray and to listen. and to Hope.

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